jueves, 12 de abril de 2018

KORFBAL BUILDING BRIDGES. Korfbal in Morocco. (translate by Katerina Goncharenko)

Welcome Morocco to the World of Korfball, Welcome Korfball Family to Morocco
We could summarize the visit of the expedition of the Korfbal Club Badalona to Al-hoceimas, Morocco as passion for sport in a culture and land to be discovered. Thanks to this trip by the hand of the korfball we have made real the said that "sport unites cultures".

Tendencies to homogenize deprives us of the opportunity to learn and know that each country is a melting pot of cultures; because of that standardized thinking it happens with Morocco and the Amazigh culture, as it could happen in the eyes of an African to confuse Spanish and Catalan culture. Certainly there are many things in common, but subtly also many wealths that can make a difference. A geographical environment graced by its mountains and privileged by its bay, along with the hard-to-access virgin beaches characterizes its orography. But most importantly, its population, the Rif people with their friendship, hospitality, and passion for sports.

Our trip to the city of Al-hoceimes nerve center of the Riff had as its main objective the support to the development of the korfball, as an inclusive sport for young people; support the organization "Social work for Alhoceimes" ( in its work to offer young people education and participation through sports. During the days of stay in Al-hoceimes we were leading workshops with the young people of Rife to promote the korfball in primary schools, Mohamed VI school, and dissemination in secondary schools, Melchor de Jovellanos; and also joining forces for the introduction of the korfball in Morocco with the team from the city of Nador and together with the Moroccan Federation of Korfball.

But as important as what we contributed, or even more, were what we did and we took from Al-hoceimes. We met the Riff, its people, its culture, traditions, gastronomy, and its cultural richness; also its historical past and especially its colonial relation with Spain, the war of the Riff. And of all this we were surprised by their respect and sympathy towards the Spanish, who still occupy three small islands of their archipelago ( From Al-hoceimes we took many things, including the good organization of the association "Alhoceimepour le Developpement social" with its fantastic guys and how great and indispensable are their girls and women for the social progress of the country. There are many things to discuss how to organize with less resourses, enjoy community relations, open their homes to outsiders, etc.

Not everything in Al-hoceimes and the Riff is well or good. It is unavoidable to review the conflict between the Riff community and the Moroccan state, quite at the same time as the Spanish government and a significant part of Catalonia. There is an urgent the need for Europe and Spain to look at the conflict of immigrants who want to cross the border from Morocco. And certainly there is no time for delay the modernization and progress needed for Morocco in order to avoid fanatical religious fundamentalism.

A lot to know, a lot to learn, so much to share with each other.

PD This project never will be possible without the support of Hammich family Shukram!

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