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Ὀλυμπιακοὶ Ἀγώνες (Salva P & translate by K Goncharenko)

Ὀλυμπιακοὶ Ἀγώνες

Sport is a human production derived from the culture, which thereby represents the conquest in the human evolution towards the need of sublimation the people`s destructive capacity. At the same time is a reflexion of every socio-historical moment for every human community. Nowadays vision of the sport that serves economical system prevails; using sport for different aims as the construction of excluding identities, or simply for being one consumable more, with all the paraphernalia of the merchandising and the uncountable gadgets. The sport as a tool for achieving utilitarian aims, and as a commercial result, is the dominating vision in the occidental societies, but not for it we must resign ourselves that will be the unique possible paradigm.

The sport inherently has a lot of virtues among which we can highlight the harmony between body and mind, being a sociability tool, facilitation the approaching between different cultures, and, moreover, all the rich possibilities that sport offers as an instrument for the personal and collective growth. These attributions can make a sport something exceptionally positive. 

In spite of the possible qualities it is also true that it is only necessary to make a torn for different sport disciplines and to see quickly that the reality in these occasions is other. The esthetical society models of the image dissociate mind and body. How many times we saw the continuous example of the people who want to lose weight and to take adventure in a marathon journey under a justice sun, without water, and without any knowledge about what they demand from themselves, thinking that they are doing sport. All of us know someone who is dedicated to crush oneself alone among the gym machines as a robot sacrificing only for the stereotypical picture, proving that this is sport. Usually the media offers us broadcasting of football matches that show extreme violence between fans and sometimes also between the players. Journey after journey, in a lot of inferior categories, these scenes are repeated as mantra. Sometimes they are emulated. Also we can’t forget the sport version that insists on the obligatory roles` division between women and men as an intentional way to build a social discourse. Men win; women, like garnish, give them the cups. The male competitions invade the TV share, the female competitions are exceptional, and the mixed competitions are obviated. The personal and the collective growth are relegated to the stereotypes of the social triumph throughout the sport, especially for the children that want to emulate the media idols. Imitation is an attempt to become the same like other who is shown to us as ideal ones. To say that every sportsmen and sportswomen want to be the best player, rich, and beautiful is to stand on the position of reductionism. It is dangerous that the neurotic behaviours of their idols, like trainers, slid without control to the verbal or physical aggression, just to make some examples. The sport has transformed in a new religion with dogmas of faith.

In general the sport society promote players, who play in the more restrictive and random sense. They must have success, but not achievement, though without understanding that they depend of their own efforts in the meeting with themselves, in a lot of sport modalities by work in team. The opponent is only a tool to show that the real opponent is inside. The sport rival mainly is an opportunity for overcoming yourself, but especially for growth. The referees, the negative influence of the own group, the external pressure, and the social expectations about the triumph are the principal proves to convert all the sport into a random and demanding game. All the motivation is left in an external locus. The victory converts in something uniquely important, the process is obviated. The individuality of personal success dominates over the most possible concept of team that we can imagine.

Fortunately, not all of the sport projects are in this line, there are those that look for truly players, people who learn to take care of themselves and their team mates, who are learning to grow up with little failures, which can serve them as motivation for their personal development. This is an inclusive sport vision.

It took a lot of time to learn to sublimate the aggressive drive that emerges from every subject, and that sport mutes the battle field and the roman circus for new gladiators instead of raising the ace, or fight till death shoulder to shoulder, change their weapon for tennis rockets, baseball bat, or symbolise throughout the dribbling technic how to overcome the rival. It is necessary to make a new step forward, promote sport vision that finishes with the consumer watcher’s passivity, and that sport practices will not be under the service of an alienating consumption system. We must empower other paradigm where sport will be a tool and the sportsman and sportswoman will be the aim. It equals that the sportsmen, regardless of their age and condition, will learn to recognize themselves using sports activity, getting to know their body, and socializing with the others playing in team sports or individually. There the teenagers and youngsters can train for learning to overcome different situations as life metaphors, learning to tolerate the frustration of our continuous desires, converting the frustration in a challenge to mature. A sports discourse based on the concept that all the people can enjoy the different moments of their lives doing sports as life habit: educative, healthy and social.

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